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What we offer


Quality not quantity is our motto. In our work, we focus on a healthy, willing horse for the highest of requirements. This is why we place particular emphasis on giving horses enough time – so that they have the chance of developing to their full potential.

During the summer months, the mares, foals and youngsters are out 24/7 in the pastures around the farm. In the winter months, they are stabled overnight, but have a daily turnout. This way, on the one hand, an optimal relationship of trust can be established at a young age and, on the other hand, the accurate monitoring and supplementing of the youngsters’ feed is made possible. Strengths, weaknesses and the current state of development are identified early on and taken into account in training later.

Even after training starts, the emphasis is not placed on rapid success but rather on sound training which is appropriate to the horse’s age. Our young horses between four and six years of age are prepared for their later disciplines through targeted and carefully managed participation in competitions. The older competition horses are also only deployed in a targeted manner to ensure optimal results. In order to keep our equine athletes ready and willing to perform, Triebscheiderhof provides them with accommodation to meet all the requirements. As well as the comprehensive care, which goes without saying, all the horses here with us enjoy a regular turnout, hacks, the horse walker and the greatest possible variety in schooling to supplement their training. In order to guarantee this way of keeping horses, our team is continually undergoing further training.